Details of Creation

Details of Creation: 10x10cm painted pieces depicting intricate details and beauty

The sheer design within nature is truly amazing, the forms, contrasting colours, textures, patterns and the growth of everything is so vast, vibrant and complex, it is overwhelming but harmonious. Entities of nature cannot be re-created, we can only imitate it by artistic methods or capture fragments of it by photography, or we can destroy it. Nature is delicate and transient, and these are some of the qualities that give it a significant beauty to preserve what we have left.

In this project I intended to scrutinise and document the small intricate beauties of creation, capturing and portraying the unseen or unnoticeable things. A series of 10 x 10 cm paintings depict these ideas and portray  miniature or macro images and intricate details of creation, which are often unobserved by some individuals. These included the texture or colours of an insect’s thorax, spikes on an insect’s leg, flower stigmas, petals or leaf veins, detailed dragonfly wing, moth scales, textures of organic subjects, colours in a raindrop, the texture of a feather and much more. All these subjects portray a message to viewers of the things they often overlook in creation. Viewers do not have to recognise any of the subjects; they merely have to be intrigued by the elements of my work, as they would be if they only took a closer look at the details in creation.

100 Art Pieces

100 art pieces 1

100 art pieces 2

100 art pieces 3

100 art pieces 4

100 art pieces 5

100 art pieces 6

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