The Body In Parts

The Body in Parts: Exploring textures, forms, colour and other details of the human body

Exploring details of the human body including the textures, forms and colour with a variety of materials and mediums; creating mixed drawings and photography into interesting and unique artworks.

The Human Body Art Work

Below: Posing to represent the different organs of the human body. Different costumes were worn to portray natural or artificial colours (i.e. the stomach is colourful due to the variety of foods each person eats). Images from left to right top to bottom: Blood cell, Brain, Heart, ear labrinth, veins, liver, stomach, lungs, pancreas.

human bloodcell  human brain

human heart  human ear

human veins  human liver

human stomach  human lungs

human pancreas


Below: Pastel drawings that depict parts within the human body

pastel drawings by jessica griggs

Below: Acrylic and pastel drawings connected by thread, representing blood cells, veins and arteries of the heart.

human flesh and blood art

Below: A variety of photos and drawings using pastel, acrylic, charcoal and ink, positioned onto 2 large sheets of brown paper (clothes pattern paper). The layout resembles the shape and approximate size of the human body, with images in order from the head to feet.

human body in parts 1

human body in parts 2

human body in parts 3

Below: Scrolls with mixed materials, representing moods or feelings that come and go from our bodies.

moods and feelings 1

moods and feelings 2

moods and feelings 3

moods and feelings 4

moods and feelings 5

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