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I Want A Graphic website was inspired to provide you with the quality design and illustrated graphic you will be happy to pay for. I have provided on this web site a small portfolio of unique illustrated graphics for you to view which include logos, posters, brochures, business cards, website illustrations, headings, banners wine bottle and product labels and much more. I also offer a variety of original paintings, drawings, installations and conceptual art projects on display and for sale. My visual culture essays also provide interesting and useful reading for those who study these areas of interest.

Bottom line! I can help you get those unique illustrated graphics you want and for a very reasonable price, you won't be disappointed.


I been involved in the art industry for over ten years and have a double major Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and Visual Culture (Curtin University), attainment of several units in the Creative Industries Degree (Edith Cowan University), a Diploma in Visual Art and Craft, and a Certificate IV in Visual Art and Craft. I also enjoy the great outdoors and what is seen in nature inspires much of my designs.

Jessica and Monique Griggs

How Can I Help You

ďArt is something I will continue to enjoy, I believe the enthusiasm in my artwork is an important aspect in the work I do. I also believe, to be successfully in business is being enthusiastic, creative and doing the best that I can. With this in mind I hope to create successful, professional and unique designs that I believe will help you with your endeavours in growing your business.

Please browse the collection of artworks and graphic designs and feel free to contact me if you have any general comments or queries regarding the design of your next unique graphic for your business requirements. I look forward to working with you to produce what you will be happy with.

Jessica Griggs

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