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Commissioned Designs and Examples

Below are some commissioned logos that we have provided for some of our customers. Please give us the opportunity to help your business with a logo design that will turn heads, our rates are fair providing you with graphics that will help your business to stand out against your opposition. You may like take a look at the example graphics on the bottom of this page.

Commissioned Logo Designs

Griggs Outdoor Adventure Learning (GOAL): Logo for a family owned business. Outdoor recreation/activity provider in the Northern Rivers, NSW. Activities include canoeing, water safety, bushwalking, navigation, art and craft, and challenge courses.

Stock Whips: Logo design for whip maker, Nathan Griggs. www.nathangriggs.com provides customers with good quality stock whips made from ripstop vinyl, cow hide and kangaroo leather also can be booked to do a whip cracking show for major events.

Nymboida Canoe Centre: Not-for-profit organisation that offers outdoor activities.

Griggs outdoor adventure learning logo tubewhips logo Nimboida Canoe Centre
Sedgwick Wetland Nursery logo teaching treasures logo Known Universe logo design
CYC computers J&M designs logo Queensland wildlife carers and volunteers Association logo

Sedgewick Wetland Nursery: Jeff Hardwick’s nursery, with a variety of wetland sedge plants, as illustrated on the logo.

Teaching Treasures: New design for Teaching Treasures online business; adding more colour and interest for the outlook, the coloured section of this logo features a layering of each letter in ‘Teaching Treasures’, thus creating an interesting icon of shapes and lines.

Known Universe Media: Logo design for a film production business by Maurice Murphy.

CY Computers: Experimental logo design for a computer technology business, the design represents the initials of the proprietor CY and an inverted C for “computers”. The whole graphic is similarly associated to the on/off icon button on monitors and laptops.

J&M Graphic & Visual Arts: Logo for this current web site - Jessica & Monique's Visual Arts and Graphic Design.

Queensland Wildlife Carers & Volunteers Association Inc: This logo design was donated to a not-for-profit organisation (QWCVA), however, it was not accepted or used by the organisation, therefore it can be altered to suit another business logo or graphic.

Example Design Templates

Template examples that can be purchased for your business logo. Custom designs are however a better alternative for your business and can be ordered from us to suit your type of business. We believe that with our skills we can provide you a logo that has the look and feel people have learned to expect in the marketing world.

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