Illustration designs

Page 1 display of some of the computer graphic illustrations completed for Teaching Treasures Publications. Each graphic illustration was specially created for educational worksheets or used for specific topics within the production of educational material, classroom resources, and for style and colour on the business' website.

Custom designed illustrations can be ordered and purchased by contacting the designer. Custom graphic art illustrations for business related websites or other articles such as books, pamphlets, cards, posters, textiles etc. Please contact us or Teaching Treasures Publications if you would like to use any of these graphic illustrations on you website or publication and we can negotiate a fair price.

ants bird anteater bird cassowary bird stork
leaves and banksia nut rat illustration wasp drawing sugar glider drawing rossela bird
drawing of a marron marron sketch leaf logo design koala graphic brolga
parrot illustration chopsticks bowl and bamboo matt art easel sharks and diver grapic sea horse
fish illustration clown fish trigger fish giraffe illustration ship in the night
waterfall scene birds scene toilet scene tiger spider and sunflower
lion head outback scene animation zebra drawing zebra

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