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Need a creative flare within your business? Do you need an updated illustration, logo, or other graphic to liven up things or create a fresh look to attract people to your product? Welcome to my website, formally 'I want a graphic.com'

Whether your business is a large corporation or even a small business; images, colour and design are definitely something you will need to consider throughout the active years of your business. Adding interesting designs, logos and graphics to your business certainly makes the difference in how your customers are attracted to buy your products or services. Images, colour and creativity is something our eyes are always attracted to; design and graphics are what makes advertising work, they broaden ideas, create interest, amusement and aesthetics.

Believing there is no limit to creativity and having that enthusiasm to do the job right is an important aspect of my work. Success in business is being enthusiastic, creative and doing well in whatever lies ahead. Successful, professional and unique designs will help with the growth of your business. That is what we intend to provide you, the best designs money can buy.

A small range of our designs created for other businesses can be seen on this website. Custom designs can be ordered directly by contacting me to discuss ideas and to explain to me your requirements. Many designs, including logos, business cards, graphics or single illustrations, brochures, print designs, posters, labels, website graphics, and textile print, can be created to suit your business ideal.

Job description for custom designs

Starting price / quote (Australian dollars)

Logo design

start at $100.00

Business brochure, leaflet or flier

start at $120.00

Print designs; posters, banners or advertisement

start at $110.00

Personal invitation, poster or flier design

start at $60.00

Business card design

start at $50.00

Single and unique graphic / illustration

start at $80.00

Contact me for a free quote and discuss your design ideas today:

Check list:

  • Basic design idea/style
  • Modern or traditional
  • Common or unique
  • Colourful or conservative
  • Text details
  • Bold or elegant
  • Masculine or feminine
  • Type of audience/customers
  • Serious or playful style
  • Upmarket or economical
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